I was heard

Now I can see it had to be
the years of searching
for what was not to be found
out there
nor in the desolate emptiness

I couldn’t find
anything of any worth 
I cried out
and again
not realising I was heard
before I cried

Coby Dekker


 Sleeping giant   

 There is a giant sleeping in my forest
A pearl clamped in her hands on the chest
and if you wake her up: beware!
She will spit on you with fire

 And if you survive
because you have a shield inside
She will try to strangle you

And if you survive
because you keep on smiling at her friendly
She will shoot arrows at your heart

 And if you survive
because your heart remains like liquid honey
She might show you her wound behind the pearl
and become your friend





Gedichten maken

Mindfulness leidt tot meer aandacht voor gebeurtenissen en gevoelens. En zo ontstond bij mij inpiratie voor gedichten. Ook bij deelnemers aan de tainingen kan die inspiratie ontstaan. Er is sowieso aandacht voor spirituele teksten en gedichten.

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For the love of True Natur
- Soul evolving anyway

Hieronder enkele gedichten



I am not the owner of myself
so why bother about sleeplessness
the scary spot on my left leg
the headache and the lack of energy

Right in the middle of my broken body
there is a big ballroom all the same
in the centre of my heart
where I dance like a princess

Enough energy in there. And wide awake
No time nor need for sleeping
A head so bright and legs so tight
and nothing is at stake

but my immortal soul


Brother dying

Oxygen mask, pounding
breath, red cheeks
sweaty head, he jokes
the old oak falls after all.

We never had much in common

He fond of inviting
family and neighbours
in his neat small yard
barbecue party’s , proud

and generous, turning large pieces
of porc while urgently
pointing at piles of beer
along the fence,

full of jokes and anecdotes
clapping his wife
on her behind.

I prefering study and writing
in my silent room
finding excuses
which he minded.

Sitting here on his bed
seeing the oak fall
my hand finds his,
eyes that never met

now are wet with love
and the band of brotherhood.
All that is important
we have in common now.